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Payment :


Online publication fee of Rs.1700/- ($70) for Single author, Rs.1900/- ($80) for two authors, Rs 2300/-($90) for more than three authors is payable for manuscript ACCEPTED for publication. 

For Print Publication Fee (Including online publication) one print copy

·  A publication fee of Rs.3100/- ($70) for Single author, Rs.3300/- ($90) for two authors, Rs
3500/- ($110) for three and  more than three authors is payable for manuscript ACCEPTED for publication. 

Rs 200 (USD 20) per author extra for print copy of certificate.

Published research papers/articlesof Monthly Double-Blind Peer Reviewed. International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2249-3905), International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences (ISSN: 2249-7382), International Journal of Research in IT and Management (ISSN: 2231-4334) and International Journal of Reserach in Finance and Marketing (ISSN: 2231-5985) are for open access to all interested readers of research community. The open access effectively removes the barriers for timely distribution of the research papers/articles and ensures that they can be read by as many as possible.
As costs are involved at every stage of publication process.